Nothing on this site would have been possible without the following people. 

May everything I do, every word that I speak and type, honor them in some way:  

Mom, Maximina Rivera + Elpidio Diaz, Tomasa Rivera, Adela Rivera, Carlos Rivera, Roberto Concepcion 

Dad, Usha + Vishwas Bhopale, Shalini Kulkarni 

Nicholas Falu + Beatrice Rodriguez-Falu, Victor Falu, Tatiana Falu, Samira Falu, Aixa + Adeli Rodriguez 

Tony + Susan Gross, Rosemary Gross, Tony Gross Sr, Alan Whitney, Mark Gifford, Greg Gefell 

All the bands and musicians I worked with  at GFI and The Bug Jar 

The many musicians I'm lucky to call friends


Frank DeBlase for giving me my first break

Scott Morrow + all other editors I've worked with along the way, whether we agree or not 

All publicists (thank you for all the amazing music, books, films, etc)

Jeff Brand, Rajesh Barnabas, Matt Guarnere. Suzi and Don Blair, Stephen Lopez, Gary Tomaselli, 
Geoff Graser, Kristin Rapp, Heather Davis, AJ Snyder 

Colleen Elrod

Dayna Papaleo, Chuck Irving, Deepak + Jen Thettu, Karen Chaney-Beck 

Luis Pagan, Maria Pagan, 

Raymond Almodovar,  Wilson Rodriguez, Jose Vasquez, Danny Jusino, Ed Rotger, Joe Nesario

Fitz Gitler, Justin King, 

Mike Nugent, Alfred Smith, Neil Shapiro, Adam Kaye, Paul Lembo, Pete + Louis Francia 

Joe Frey, Mark Harssema, Kevin Darby, 

Rose Myers, Abe Wallters, Tracy Lavonas, Todd Frampton, 

Zahl Cama, Andy Vaid, Vikas Pawa, Nikhil Mancharam, Jake Rich 

Cassie Fenton, Whitney Denesha, Richard Haisma, Andy Hunt  

Laura Hornbake, Lois Bielefeld and her beautiful parents, Jeff Russell, Jill Hardy, Jason Kopec 

Alan Murphy, Mike James 

Guy Higgins, Mike Satter, Neil Polanski, Jay Rodgers, Ben Seyna, Steve Bowen, Emily Bowen, Lail Brown 

Corey + Keven Adams, Jeff Steverson

Justin Roeland, Aaron DeRuyter, Scott Kockler, Rick Kockler, Bill Griffin, Dan Kulp, Mike Higgins

Ed Gbirski, Adam Josephson, Al Beaman, Jared Gniewek, Ben Shutts, Dave Fien, Harley Hiltz 

Chris Wicks, Devon Tramell, Charlie Dye, Chris ???

Wendy Painting, James Brown, Susan Hope Lanier 

Don Baker, Andy Conley, Chris CooNed Corman, Evan Dawson, Megan Mack, and everyone at WXXI 

Carvin Eison, Carol White-Llewelyn, Rashida Washington, and everyone at RCTV 

Tom Abbs, Adam Downey, Chris Weiss, and everyone at Clandestine PR